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 Some fact abouts Vietnam:
Vietnam is located in the tropical monsoon area with mostly warm and humid weather.
- North Vietnam has four seasons and variation of temperatures with cool temperatures during winter specially in the highlands.
    Winter: December to February - 8 to 15oC
    Spring: March to April - 17 to 23oC
    Summer: May to August - 28 to 38oC
    Autumn: September to November - 21 to 29oC
- South and Centre Vietnam have two main seasons with stable temperatures from 20 to 38oC:
    Dry season:
    Centre: January to September
    South: November to April
    Rainy season:
    Centre: October to December
    South: May to October
Vietnam is a year round tourist destination and you can enjoy most sports/outdoor activities. Specially for Windsurf and Kitesurf, the best season for consistent winds is from November to April.
Health & Vaccinations:
Some vaccinations are recommended before to visit Vietnam. Please contact your doctor for further details.